Salmon River Steelhead Fishing

Guided Salmon River BC Steelhead Sayward Vancouver Island BC

The Salmon River is located on Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia,Canada. Its headwaters lie in Strathcona Park. It flows northwest, entering Johnstone Strait and the Pacific Ocean near the town of Sayward.

The Salmon River is home to the largest Steelhead on Vancouver Island.

Steelhead have made a tremendous come back in recent years due to ocean survival on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. This all wild Steelhead River is single barbless bait ban catch and release.  If you are after a Trophy Vancouver Island BC Steelhead, you have come to the right place.

We access the Salmon River BC by River Raft to allow anglers to fish the most productive remote sections of the river.  Our raft is the largest, safest most comfortable and setup boat on the river. The run timing is a little later than other Steelhead Rivers on Vancouver Island. It starts at the beginning of February and continues until mid April. After that we like to leave the Steelhead to spawn.

We use traditional Steelhead gear, light weight tackle and Steelhead rods.

All gear is provided; all you need is waders and a valid licence

Call or text us to book a drift down The Salmon River BC for Trophy Vancouver Island Winter Run Steelhead!!

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